Save Money And Resources: Think Circular

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When you stop to think about it, waste is really the symptom of inefficiency. In Australia, we generate 74 million tonnes of waste per year[1]. These are wasted resources that will not find their way back into the economy.

We are so used to waste being an inevitable part of almost every human activity we don’t often stop to wonder if we could be doing things smarter, cleaner, more efficiently and ultimately, better.

The circular economy works by designing our production systems with the full life cycle in mind. We can design products to be delivered such that the resources can be recovered and looped back into being used again at an equivalent or higher value purpose. The three main principles are:

  • Eliminate waste and pollution
  • Circulate products and materials (at their highest value)
  • Regenerate nature

The circular economy is set to play a big part in changing the way we operate, for the way we design our buildings and run our everyday lives. Learn more about what the Australian Government is doing about circular economy here:

[1] PwC analysis based on Global Footprint Network and National Waste Report 2020.

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