Our Story

Who We Are

Encycle Consulting is a team of waste, recycling and resource efficiency professionals. We offer core expertise in waste management planning and strategic policy development to public and private sector clients throughout Australia.

We believe that waste can be designed out, minimised and recycled and that the benefits of efficiency, effectiveness and inspiring people will transfer throughout business and the economy.

Encycle’s clients include:

  • Local, state and federal governments requiring robust research and practical advice for policy development
  • Design teams including developers, planners and architects working to ensure new developments will operate effectively and efficiently
  • Construction companies requiring site Waste Management Plans and data collection systems
  • Facility managers wanting to drive best practice and innovation within their available budget
  • Waste and recycling industry facility operators

Our Background

It’s late 2007, John Howard is Prime Minister of Australia (soon to be replaced by Kevin Rudd in December), almost no-one is talking about waste and the circular economy is still a distant concept (the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for Circular Economy was not formed until 2009).

Good friends, Jenny Campbell and Anne-Marie Bremner often discuss the question of why waste policy focuses (mostly) on households, when the waste from large buildings and institutions is such a huge part of the waste stream with so many opportunities to improve. They agree that waste management in the built environment often underperforms because the design doesn’t consider waste early enough (or at all). At that time, waste was not generally considered an important part of building design and Planning Approval requirements for waste were at best, vague.

Jenny suggested to Anne-Marie that they should set up a business to tackle commercial waste and the built environment. Anne-Marie laughed, and then realised she was serious. In February 2008, Encycle opened their doors in a business incubator office in a ‘colourful’ area of Northbridge, Perth. Jenny and Anne-Marie set about having lots of conversations, drinking a lot of coffee, hosting events and knocking on people’s doors until they started to get involved in the design teams for new developments and work with building managers to develop high performing recycling and waste systems.

Early jobs for Encycle included Brookfield Place, enex100 and working with Crown Perth to develop a holistic waste strategy. They were off to a flying start and soon took on more staff and moved out of the incubator, growing into bigger offices.

Over the following years, Encycle worked on some exciting built environment projects and established themselves as the ‘go-to’ people for clear, practical, high-quality advice for waste, recycling and circular economy. Jenny was a member of the Sustainable Development Working Group at the Property Council for many years and Anne-Marie was on the Board of the Waste Authority in WA. Despite Anne-Marie needing to return to live in the UK in 2014, the business continued to evolve, working on projects across Australia, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria and also moving into broader areas, such as delivering specialist policy work for Federal, State and Local Governments.

By now, waste was increasing in profile and also becoming established as a standard part of building design considerations. Local Governments were increasingly requiring Waste Management Plans during the planning approvals stages for new developments. Encycle had won various awards for sustainability, diversity and small business success.

Fast forward to 2022 and with a very heavy heart, Anne-Marie steps back from Encycle to pursue waste/environmental projects closer to home in the UK, but she remains firm friends with Jenny and the team. She is incredibly proud of what Encycle has achieved and is excited to see what the future holds under Jenny’s smart, visionary leadership, with Encycle’s highly collaborative, expert team.

Encycle continues to go from strength to strength and the team continues to deliver excellent service, providing innovative solutions with integrity and professionalism. We could not have got to where we are now without the help of some incredible people along the way (thank you to you all, you know who you are). We look forward to continuing to work together with our clients (old and new) for many years to come.

Encycle Consulting Directors

Encycle Consulting Directors Anne-Marie Bremner and Jenny Campbell

Encycle Consulting work with a range of professionals
including government officers, developers, architects, planners,
the waste/recycling industry and facility managers.

“Encycle were a pleasure to work with as they were professional, helpful and quick to respond.
Deliverables were always on-time and the scope provided was appropriate for the project.
Their communication was excellent and I would definitely use them again! It might be useful
to have someone located in Sydney however, that didn’t seem to be barrier for this project.”

Renata Tracey, Civil Section Manager, Principal, Stantec, NSW

What Our Clients Say